Frankel PLLC Begins Operations as Independent Law Firm

October 1, 2014

The former Washington, D.C. office of Steese, Evans & Frankel, P.C. announces that it has separated from that firm as of October 1, 2014, and begun operations as Frankel PLLC. The lawyers of Frankel PLLC will continue their current practices in government contracts litigation, procurement counseling and compliance, internal and government investigations, and regulatory and appellate litigation.

“The separation allows us to continue operating under a business model that has served our clients extremely well,” said Frankel PLLC Managing Member Jonathan Frankel. “We left a traditional law firm specifically to build a more streamlined and flexible organization that would attract experienced talent and yield reasonable billing rates. Our clients appreciate our decision to stay independent and preserve the existing business model."

The lawyers of Frankel PLLC combine decades of government contracts and regulatory experience with expert litigation skills to help companies do business with — and defend their interests against — the Federal government. The firm represents some of the nation’s largest defense and civilian contractors, university research laboratories, international development organizations, public utilities, and software and technology companies. Frankel PLLC is committed to maintaining a low-overhead and flexible organization that yields reasonable rates for its clients and a healthy work-life balance for its talent. For more information about the firm, please see

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Frankel PLLC Begins Operations as Independent Law Firm
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